Vacationing: Maui, Hawaii

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MauiEven if you have already visited Hawaii on a vacation, there is much more to see than just the island of O’ahu. The capital may offer plenty of attractions, but a completely different holiday can be found on the island of Maui.

Maui has a completely different feel, with more untouched landscape, and diverse scenery, you can have a more private vacation on this island. There are still plenty of resorts and hotels to choose from, but there isn’t a busy, packed capital to worry about. Here you can find mountains, lush forests, huge beaches, and amazing marine life.

Here you can find plenty of activities like trekking tours and dinner cruises. There is also a vibrant nightlife.

Getting around the island is harder than O’ahu, because it is less populated there is hardly any public transportation, and access to the airport is more difficult. However car rentals are reasonably priced and can be found everywhere, which provides a unique experience for sightseeing and a freedom you can’t get on a bus.

So if you’re looking for a health club, spas, restaurants, lush landscape, and an exotic location, make Maui your next vacation choice.

Unique Travel Destinations: California

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WinchesterIf you’re looking for something off the beaten path, something other than the Golden Gate Bridge or Sea World, then stop by San Jose California for the Winchester Mystery House. This is the residence of Sarah Winchester, who was the widow of William Winchester, the creator of the famous rifle by the same name.

Whats so special about this house? It is an intricate labyrinth of architectural feats, containing 160 rooms that was built over 38 years, construction spanning 24 hours a day, until the day of her death in 1922. Sarah was told by a psychic that the victims of Winchester rifles would haunt her, and the only way to escape them was to build a house with traps and misleading doorways and staircases. Her strange superstitions can be found in every aspect of the house, with the number thirteen being prominent where ever she could put it. 13 coat hooks, 13 candles in a chandelier, 13 fireplaces and bathrooms, and even 13 California Fan Palms that line the driveway.

There are several tours that can lead you through the house each day, and you can choose which parts you’d like to explore, after all, it couldn’t be seen all in one day.

Must See: Texas State Fair

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State FairIts not untrue to say that almost everyone has heard of the Texas State Fair, American or otherwise. It is a huge event, that takes place at the end of September and the beginning of October, spanning a crazy 24 days. Dallas is the home of this event, with 277 acres of fairground to play on. This fair ground is famous not just for the State Fair, but for the Cotton Bowl, Music Hall and eight museums it plays host to.
The Texas State Fair started back in 1886, and was mostly agricultural based, showing off its livestock and crops. But it has since evolved, hosting the most famous football game of the year: University of Texas vs. the University of Oklamhoma.

Almost 350 million people make it out to the fair every year. They come out to see the 7,000 creative arts entries, and 200 plus food locations and restaurants. Part of the earnings goes to sponsoring a scholarship, awarding $1.5 million every year to eligible students to use for College.

There are plenty of rides to keep the thrill seekers busy as well. The 212 foot Texas Star is a famous Ferris wheel that people flock to from every corner of the country to see.

San Diego: Whale Watching

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Whale2The annual migration of the gray whale can best be witnessed from the San Diego coast. Twenty six thousand gray whales every year make this ten thousand mile journey from the Artic to Baja and back. Whale watching is something anyone can enjoy, regardless of age. So if you are visiting between the months of December and March, be sure you take the opportunity to witness this event. They can travel in groups from just two to three, to dozens at a time.

Gray whales usually dive to about one hundred feet, then surface and blow. They often swim in shallow depths between diving deep, so you have plenty of opportunities to see them as they pass.

As for where to see them, the best seats are on board a cruise. There are plenty specialty cruises that leave from the harbor for whale watching, where you will have the best chance of seeing these amazing mammals.

When watching from the coast, the best spots are on Point Loma, and the cliffs of Torrey Pines State Beach. Here you will have front row seats for the gray whale migration.

Discover New York

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New YorkNew York is one of the most common tourists destinations for travelers from all over the world. Every year they welcome millions of tourists, all there to see the famous buildings and city life. But besides the city center, there is so much more to discover on the outskirts of this great state. There are 11 different regions, and each have something different to offer. Here are a few descriptions of a hand full of the regions, and what you can find there.

The Chautauqua Allegheny region is home to dozens of preserved, pristine Victorian residences. Here you can find Panama Rocks, and the 1891 Fredonia Opera House. Lucille Ball’s home town is also here, the city of Jamestown, where you can find a museum of her and Desi Arnaz’s life together.

The Finger Lakes have great heritage tours, and lots of open space for long walks and unwinding. There is also the Sciencenter and the Gearge Eastman house.

Of course there is also Niagara Falls, and in this region you can also find the Six Flags Darien Lake Theme Park, as well as the Metrorail system in downtown Buffalo.